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 Heat Pumps and Solar Panels...


Helping Our Customers 'Go Green'.

Recent statistics revealed that approximately 25% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions were produced by home energy consumption, and 75% of this is for the provision of heating and hot water. Increasingly, our customers are looking to ‘go green’ by harnessing freely available energy from the air or the sun.

For the homeowner who is replacing their existing boiler, wishes to significantly cut their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, the CO2 ECO Heat Pump system is the logical choice.

With the CO2 ECO Heating System from Sanyo you can enjoy low cost heating with low emissions. What’s more it is easy to install, practically maintenance free and can be used with most standard domestic heating systems....and NRM are ‘Accredited Installers’.

Heat Pumps are a proven technology. Air-to-Water pumps use the ambient temperature in the atmosphere to heat your home, and it still works even if the outside temperature is as lows as -25°C! That’s why the CO2 ECO Heat Pump is so successful in Scandinavia.

What’s more, the Sanyo CO2 ECO Heat Pump will heat your hot water to 65°C without the need for an electric booster heater (unlike other Heat Pumps which can only heat water to 50°C).

For a brochure or to arrange a visit by an NRM Technical expert, please contact us.

Solar thermal panels operate on the principle of daylight absorption and don’t depend on long spells of unbroken sunshine. A special coating on the absorber ensures that the system performs efficiently, even on cloudy days! In the summer months a thermal solar system could provide around 80-90% of your domestic hot water requirements (50-70% at all other times of the year).

NRM engineers are fully qualified to install Solar Panels to regular boiler or system boiler systems.

For a brochure or to arrange a visit by an NRM Technical expert, please contact us.


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